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LoudMouse was formed in 1999 and registered as a Limited Company a year later. In the early days all work
was carried out on a single teal blue baby iMac, in the front room of the director’s Ponsonby villa home.
Back then the room doubled as a guest bedroom, box room, and briefly as a baby’s nursery, before a move
to leafy Mt Albert sorted out family boundaries, and defined a dedicated studio space.

These days the company takes pride in its modern equipment and designed-for-designers studio. The team
is supplemented by contracted specialists, to cover every eventuality. Our can-do attitude means nothing
is too much trouble, or out of the realms of possible!

Our quirky name has recieved many favourable comments. Its memorable and
people appreciate the humour. For every variation on it you can think of, we can
match it with another - “Silent Rodent” being our favourite (thanks Broderick Print!).

Director Debi Pyle has been described as many things; chocolate-coated spring steel
and The Debweiler among them. Usually she is friendly, polite, and house-trained,
with only breaches in fair play seeing her occasionally crossing to the darker side.
For most of you - you should be fine.

And as for what we do - we love getting it right. Right on the mark, right on budget,
right on time. We take pride in a job well done, and we think you will agree that
it shows. We love to create exciting design, and match it to your goals.

You want results. We design solutions to shout about.
A bit about the business
The Big Cheese
company no. 1011105 registered january 2000 l gst no. 73 756 707

Skills we bring to the table

communication | strategic planning | advertising + marketing
management | web hosting + file Storage | project management
design | concept + creative direction | 2D graphic design
production | web html | flash animation
presentation | stand design + point of sale | large format posters
coffee | Icoco Organic Blend /
cheese | public relations | media solutions


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